In the metal realm, the Swedish city Gothenberg is notorious for shaping the influential melodic death metal scene of the early 90s; artists such as In Flames and At the Gates are known for possessing this so-called Gothenburg sound. Monolord, however, juxtapose this musical blueprint; they comprise of a trio who write dense stoner-doom metal with a tinge of psychedelia, more in common with bands from Stockholm. The first aspects that will be noticed upon listening to their second album, Vænir, are the slow-paced, overdriven riffs and the echoing, lyric-concealing effects featured in Thomas Jäger’s vocals. Presented low in the mix and sitting under the instrumentation, they offer a psychedelic, almost submerged sensation, suggesting an influence of the psych-rock soundscapes often implemented by stoner metal groups….

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Originally written for Broken Amp