MAKE are a three-piece from North Carolina who utilise an eclectic array of inspirations. In their sophomore recordThe Golden Veil, the incorporation of influences from artists as far afield as Glenn Branca, Can, The Velvet Underground and Godflesh contribute to MAKE’s creative take on a variety of metal crafted by spear-headers Neurosis and Isis. MAKE’s music does not operate on an over-reliance of crescendos and drawn-out build-ups to create a sense of atmosphere as many post-rock/metal bands do; the atmosphere in The Golden Veil instead lies in the band’s ability to create fierce and morose sections sporadically without pandering to tried and tested formulae. The album is at times expressly dense and extreme, yet the group are more than proficient at providing space to breathe room with dreamy intricacies and cleanly sung vocal measures, enriching the mood evoking music that MAKE intend….

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Originally written for Broken Amp